Paper Wings

by Craig Harris

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The debut E.P!


released August 1, 2013

All music, lyrics and artwork created by Craig Harris.

©2013 Craig Harris


all rights reserved



Craig Harris Hertfordshire, UK

Hertfordshire-based singer-songwriter.

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Track Name: Butterflies
Stopped beating a long time ago,
a severed connection and aimless drifting
and healing seemed too far to know
but something is different, something is shifting.

Too long my absence of ardour
One smile from you, it floods back to me
and who knows where we'll go but it matters not,
I'm enjoying the journey.

Now I find myself all wings in the middle
and it feels like coming home.
Sensation at last, I'm starting to feel
connected to all I used to know.

Drifting between reality and dreams,
a bittersweet confusion this morning.
My heart pumps more dearly when it thinks that you're near,
my delicate affection is dawning.

Now I find myself all wings in the middle,
I'm rewiring my head and heart.
A thrill at last, I'm starting to feel
like I am whole and not just a part.

Though the wind has fallen from my sails,
I'm reminded how to row.
No need to drift now that I know
just where I want to go.

Now I find myself all wings in the middle,
though I don't know if this can even last.
I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all
so thank you for healing my numb old heart.
Now I find myself all wings in the middle
and this is just the start.
Track Name: Now & Beyond
Don't let the fools bring you down,
they're just lashing out.
They've not sorted the ripe from the rotten,
things get misconstrued or forgotten
but someday soon, everything will be clear
but for now & beyond, I am here.

I think that it's high time someone treat you right.
You deserve boundless joy & elation,
someone who won't keep you waiting
'cause someday soon, everything will be clear
but for now & beyond, I am here.

I can't promise the stars or give you the moon
but I know that I'll be so good for you.
I can't heal your scars or alter your past
but I can make you smile get your heart beating faster
and I will be yours when you're ready.

'Cause someday soon, we will soar
'cause for now & beyond,
I am yours.
Track Name: A Year Later
Could I desire too much of a good thing?
Your smile has thrown me and played on my heartstrings.
Laughing back and forth, we make each other blush,
every little thing you do just starts me up
and I can not feel blue.

You could make believe in fairy tales
so I'll throw my cards on your table.
Finally match my lips up to yours,
try to keep cool but it's more than I'd hoped for.

One year on, feels like we've been together a second and a lifetime, ageless as moonlight but so brand new.

Spin the records, searching for words but nothing could ever do.
There is no way, no words could say the way I feel for you.
You've untangled me and one lifetime could never be enough
with you, my match, my balance, my love.

As time goes on, feels like we've been together a second and a lifetime,
laughing as old friends and holding, kissing as lovers.
Time goes on, feels we've been together now and always.
The beat of a heart, the age of a sun; timeless but so brand new.
Track Name: Sometimes I Forget
Being with you is flying,
you’ve mended my shattered wings, my fraying heart.
Sometimes I forget to touch the ground before we part.

‘Cause being alone is trying,
outgrowing the rings and falling ‘til we jar.
Sometimes I forget our smiles all hang upon our hearts.

'Cause I've found a correlation
between the time I spent with you, my dear, and my elation.

Wishing you here to me,
I need you now,
please don’t leave.

Sometimes I forget that even love needs love.
Sometimes I don't even see just how much we're breaking away.
Track Name: Tangled Spider
A familiar sting is sinking in
as hope and resignation take arms.
I lie stranded at their crossing,
a bittersweet calm before the storm.

I'm longing not lovelorn, I smile through any tear.
I'd lost track of bliss as this clock seldom ticks
but there's too much to risk here, this yearning breeds fear;
These spinnerets could open a rift

So I'll keep my breath, stay my words.
It shall stay so simply complicated.
Only one need get hurt.

Keep my breath, stay my words.
Only one here need get hurt
so it shall stay so simply complicated
as a spider tangled in its own web.

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